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The Whetstone Analysis Reference Library contains historical and/or proprietary material in a depth not found elsewhere.

While all of the following information is available from public sources, this compilation represents a considerable investment over time. This information is available on the Federal Reserve website and other sources, but not in a unified format by subject. Combining these into narrowly defined categories makes it easier to search for keywords and phrases, and spot trends and inflection points. Please respect my work and do not use without attribution. I have made every effort to ensure the content is accurate and complete, but I cannot guarantee this. – Theresa Sheehan

Please click the links below to download the PDF:

Federal Reserve Semiannual Monetary Policy Testimony – 1996 to present

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Developments – LSAP (QE) implementation and normalization

Federal Reserve Liquidity Facilities and Swap Lines

Federal Reserve Short-term Supervisory and Regulatory Decisions during Crisis

Federal Reserve Rate History – 1990 to present (includes information on transparency actions, forward guidance, and FOMC vote exceptions)

Texts of FOMC Meeting Statements – December 1988 to present

Federal Reserve Beige Book History – 1979 to present

Major central bank rate decision history comparison – 2001 to present

Selected history of Treasury refunding announcements and borrowing requirements – 1992 to present

Selected history of debt limit showdowns – 1993 to present

Selected IRS filing seasons statistics – 1998 to present

Selected extracts from G7/8 and G20 statements on foreign exchange rates and financial markets – 1995 to present

Where are we in the business cycle?

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