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Whetstone Analysis commentary will help you stay sharp and up-to-date with the high frequency economic data and developments in Federal Reserve monetary policy.

“Terry gets it right without overstating small stuff. She sees a longer scope than many are capable of and sadly too few appreciate. Additionally, she arranges reports so that one does not feel they have been jumped ahead or need to review for clarity. Finally, she doesn’t ‘guess’, she puts down relevant details rather than trying to connect interestingly but unrelated dots.” — Martin McGuire, Managing Director at TJM Investments, LLC

“Terry brings a solid knowledge of the economic data and Fed history to bear in quickly distilling the essentials for consumption.” — Les Alperstein, President at Washington Analysis


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High frequency US economic data reports from the Commerce Department, Labor Department, Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Federal Reserve District Banks, and a variety of closely watched private sources.

First Cut: October Housing Starts and Permits-Issued

Starts of new homes rose 1.5% to a level of 1.228 million units (SAAR) in October from September, but were…

First Cut: October State Unemployment

Unemployment rates by state were overall little changed in October from September, reflecting the relative stability in the national unemployment…



Information and analysis about Federal Reserve monetary policy and policymakers.



Recaps, reminders, and random analysis of data and events that pertain to the US economy and monetary policy.


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