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Comment: Federal Reserve securities held outright near $5.5 trillion

The Federal Reserve’s holdings of US Treasurys, Agencys, and Agency MBS rose to an average of $5.452 trillion in the week ended Wednesday, April 22. Buys of Treasurys added $146.1 billion to the total $3,537.5 trillion in Treasury notes and bonds. Buys of Agency MBS were up $110.1 billion to $1,585.9 trillion in total. There was no change in the amount of Treasury bills at $326.0 billion and Agencys of $2.3 trillion.

The Federal Reserve continued its record purchases of assets to ensure financial market liquidity with no end in sight.

Repurchases were down $30.1 billion to $171.5 billion in the week ended April 22, declining along with immediate funding needs after month- and quarter-end and mid-April tax deadlines. Reverse repurchases were up $6.1 billion to $290.6 billion, a small increase that is no more than normal week-to-week fluctuations after the brief increase at quarter-end. Levels of discount window lending were down a bit by $6.1 billion to $35.0 billion but were not significantly changed from recent weeks. Central bank use of swap lines rose $13.2 billion to $406.3 billion, evidence of an increased need for dollar funding abroad.


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