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Comment: Fed’s holdings of Treasurys, Agencys, and MBS near $5 trillion

The Fed’s Wednesday average weekly holdings of Treasurys, Agencys, and Agency MBS was up $366.8 billion as of April 8. The total was not far below $5 trillion as aggressive buys of Treasury notes and bonds across maturities continues (up $336.0 billion). Although the cap is off for buying MBS, the share of the Fed’s holdings in Treasurys is now at 71%, the largest since the end of the large scale asset purchase programs.

As is usual across month- and quarter-end periods, there was a hike in reserve repurchase amounts rising $201.4 billion to $484.9 billion and use of swap lines with central banks to ease dollar funding with an increase of $159.0 billion to $327.8 billion. These will ease off in the next week or two.

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