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On the radar: No impact from Chicago Teachers’ strike for November Employment Situation

The data on strike activity during the survey reference period for the November Employment Situation confirms that there will be no impact from the short teachers’ strike that affected Chicago’s school district. There will be 46,000 workers added back in for the manufacturing sector after the UAW strike at GM ended as of October 25 which was within the reference period that ran for the five weeks ended November 16.

The net change in striking workers for the November reference period was down 44,200. There were 3,500 workers on strike for the period. This included an ongoing strike of 1,700 wired telecommunications workers in an action begun March 28, 2017 and a new strike of 1,800 workers in metal ore mining and other nonferrous metal production that began on October 13. The continuing strike will have no impact on the data. The new strike may be visible in payrolls for the mining sector but not do much to affect the total change in nonfarm payrolls when the numbers are released at 8:30 ET on Friday, December 6.

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