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First Cut: State and regional employment detail little changed month-over-month for May from April

The report on state unemployment rates and payroll changes showed little change in May from April with conditions largely steady or varying by a tenth of a percent at most.

The national unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.6% in May from April. For the regions, the Northeast was unchanged at 3.7%, as was the Midwest. The Sought inched down a tenth to 3.6% in May and the West was down a tenth to 4.1%. There wasn’t much variation for the 10 states with the largest share of the labor force. Of these, Texas managed a two-tenths decline to 3.5%, the lowest of the grouping.

Overall payrolls were up 75,000 in May from April. The ten states with the largest share of employment accounted for around 44% of that. Month-to-month the level change suggested that payroll gains were broadly lower.

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