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Comment: Federal Reserve released preliminary FOMC meeting calendar for 2020

On May 17, the Federal Reserve released the preliminary FOMC meeting calendar for 2020. Although the calendar rarely changes once announced, the dates remain preliminary this far in advance.  There were no changes announced for the remainder of the 2019 calendar.

The 2020 calendar has little variation from the standard pattern of meeting days and the events that normally surround them. The only exception is the November 4-5 meeting which is pushed back to Wednesday-Thursday due to the timing of election day.

Meeting minutes are released three weeks after the second day of the meeting. In a calendar quirk that will go largely unnoticed, the minutes of the November 4-5 would technically be scheduled for release on Thursday, November 26. However, since this is the Thanksgiving holiday, I would anticipate it the release will be moved up to Wednesday, November 25 rather than pushed back to Friday, November 26.

The Beige Book is normally released on Wednesday two weeks before the FOMC meeting.

The Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey is normally presented at the January, April, July, and November FOMC meetings and released on the following Monday.


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