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On the radar: Boeing gets orders for 4 737 MAX in April from unidentified buyer

Boeing reported receiving four orders for 737 MAX aircraft in April from an unidentified buyer. This was the total of all orders with none from domestic or foreign buyers reported. Unidentified purchases are frequently for military aircraft.

For 2019 to-date, Boeing reported gross new orders of 99 with cancellations of 12 to net out to 87. Of the 12 cancellations, 11 are for the 737 MAX aircraft.

Boeing orders are likely to continue to be few at least until the Paris Air Show (June 17-23). Orders often lag between the airshows held in February and those in the summer months. As such, a decline in April would be normal. However, these numbers are significantly lower than usual. The transportation component of the advance report on durable goods orders for April at 8:30 ET on Friday, May 24 could see a big negative impact.



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