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Boeing reports a total of 5 orders for February

It remains to be seen if the recent series of disasters involving the Boeing 737 Max airplane hurts its backlog of orders — some could be converted to other models rather than outright cancelled, some will be lost to competitors like Airbus — but as of February, Boeing reported only 3 cancellations out of the gross new orders of 51.  For now at least Boeing reported a handful of new orders for February. A total of 5 units were orders, 1 by domestic buyers, none by foreign buyers, and 4 by unidentified purchases — which are usually military aircraft. Most of the activity was the result of the Aero India expo which skews to selling of military aircraft.

Boeing will have time to address the fallout from the crashes of its 737 MAX before the next major airshow in Paris (June 17-23) but whether it will have suffered significant losses in future aircraft sales will become evident over time.

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