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On the radar: Net change of down 1,200 for workers on strike in February reference period

The February reference period for striking workers ended Saturday, February 16, a five-week interval from the January 12 period.

There were 1,700 workers on strike in the February reference period, a net change of 1,200 from January. There was a continuing strike of 1,700 workers in wired telecommunications and one strike settled of 1,200 for workers in natural gas distribution. There should be little impact for the upcoming February Employment Situation when it is released at 8:30 ET on Friday, March 8.

The teachers strike in Oakland, California is now seven days old. It started after the end of the reference period, and thus will not be included in the employment data for February.

The five-week interval between reference periods and early timing of the end of the January period may mean that some education workers who returned after the holidays were not yet back on payrolls and will be picked up in the February numbers.

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