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On the radar: Strike activity before end of January 12 reference period will have no impact on January employment data

The net change in striking workers for the four-week survey reference period between December 14, 2018 and January 12, 2019 was 0 (zero). There were no new strikes, no strikes ended, and two strikes ongoing that totaled 2,900 (1,200 workers in natural gas distribution in a strike that began June 25, 2018 and settled January 20, 2019 after the end of the reference period, and 1,700 wired telecommunications workers in a strike that began on March 28, 2017).

The strike by the Los Angeles Unified School District that lasted six days and ended on January 22 did not affect the data in the reference period, nor will it in the next five-week reference period ending February 16.

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