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On the Radar: Boeing Aircraft Orders for December close out the year with a big gain

Boeing has reported its aircraft orders for December at a solid total of 218 units, the second highest in 2018 after the 233,000 in May. It is a sharp upturn of 167 units that was mainly in the unidentified category (200 units) compared to foreign orders (16) or North American segment (2).

While there is often a push at year-end to wind up negotiations and book orders, this year’s December total is larger than normal. Seasonal adjustment factors for transportation orders in the durable goods data anticipates a hefty increase. However, the substantive increase will probably boost the transportation component in the December advance report for durable goods orders. At present the calendar still has it officially set for release at 8:30 ET on Friday, January 25, but that will almost certainly be rescheduled due to the partial shutdown of the federal government. 

Looking ahead a bit, the next major air show is Aero India in February. January Boeing orders are likely to be few and far between after the jump in December and before a major air expo.

For 2018 as a whole, Boeing reported gross new orders of 1,090, its highest since 1,550 in 2014. However, there were 197 changes to orders that resulted in net orders of 893. As such, Boeing received orders that are middling for the post-recession period. These are reasonably healthy and consistent with moderate expansion.

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